A thought

Everyone you know is a pigment of your imagination. People are who we believe them to be. Noone ever “knows” anyone and yourself included. We’re all just thoughts and pigments waiting to be understood. We’re all ideas cruel, happy, sad, depressed, ambitious, confident, asocial, antisocial and the list goes on, you name it. Sometimes they are delusional and other times “true” but most of the time a blend of the two. Sometimes they hurt us in unimaginable ways and therefore change as ideas are supposed to. And sometimes they remain intact and stay with us for all eternity. Thoughts change, visions begin to differ, and in that friendships break and the “foundations” you made with love wither away. Simultaneously new dreams float into our minds and the process begins again. We are fragile for a reason. We are daydreams, we are thoughts, we are inventions of a lonely hear captivated in some mind Just like this post is. However they just stay longer and leave a greater impact. We are all just thoughts that someone made up,always changing ,always growing ,always diminishing and being reincarnated.


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