Karachi meri jaan- The “forest”

Have you ever seen the trees and shrub that grow on their own accord, with little water, or care or even love but are beautiful nonetheless. Yes, they grow chaotically in all directions, they aren’t trimmed to perfection, they aren’t orderly or disciplined but they grow as they please-all over the place. Their leaves aren’t  a luscious green but a dry vague green and their branches spread long and far as they want. They haven’t been pampered. They haven’t had luxuries that their rich counterparts have. They do not grow in gardens of millionaires who have a thousand gardeners working on one hedge to make it look like a human idol (when it’s a plant!) but they are beautiful. In fact that is what makes them beautiful, the fact that they are naturally there.

That’s what we see in Karachi a forest with uncountable trees growing with whatever sources they have but always growing. You may look at us and find no worth and that is quite understandable but to me it is all I have known and to me it is the world and to me it is beautiful. It is a deprived city that bleeds out money to the rest of Pakistan almost selflessly. It is a city whose residents live in constant fear, as many people in Pakistan do but it is a city with life. Visit it’s dark underbelly that is visit Saddar with it’s intoxicated smog and traffic jams. Visit how old British Monuments stand in contrast with the ever-growing fast paced 21st century. Feel the roads tremble beneath you as car after car speeds by or halts depending on the jam on the street. No one takes care of my Karachi but she lives. She hustles and bustles and scrapes by like the trees with withering leaves but ever- expanding branches that grow by themselves and survive on minimal rain.

Karachi grows as a wild forest
Karachi grows as a wild forest

There is a mysterious beauty about her. She has dancing eyes and frizzy orange hair. She is emotional and volatile like an 18 year old girl. She is unkempt, untidy and imperfect and she is deteriorating. The forest has grown out of control and all the trees are twisting and turning one over the other to get light. Life has become a competition and when she cannot handle the eternities in her Karachi bleeds tears.

She isn’t near perfect and she cannot be. She is a dry forest which catches fire easily and because she’s dry the fire spreads like wild fire engulfing everything in it’s path, destroying, eating, roaring like a monster, hungry for flesh. It takes lives. However have you ever witnessed wild fire. The fire that is amazingly intense. The fire that roars as a lion does against a night sky. It challenges the gods come and get me stop me if you can’t and those self proclaimed “gods” of Karachi cannot. It is majestic. It creates day at midnight. It is unstoppable. When Karachi burns she burns with Hell’s fury. She is terrifying and tragic and in my point of view terrifyingly tragic things are beautiful.

CREEDE, CO-June 27, 2013: Fire burns out of control at the Papoose Fire, June 27, 2013. The wildfire in southwestern Colorado continues to have potential for growth. (Photo By RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)
She burns with Hell’s fury

Yes, she is sad and she has been wronged but regardless she is the queen of the world. She is strength and will power. She goes on when there is nothing in her except sheer will that helps her breathe. Karachi isn’t spoilt and she has never had the luxury to be pampered. She lives regardless. She is beautiful. She is home.


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