Excerpts from a cricket diary I’ll never write. Part one.

Whispering of Snowflakes

  • Ricky Ponting.

Fierce. Aggressive. Frightening. Vocal. Loud. Opinionated. Outspoken. Competitive. Emotional. You’re all of these and many more.

You’re ‘the’ captain that everyone vows to have. You’re the yearning of every vulnerable mind. You’re hope. You’re the Venus in a moonless night. You’re the myriad of street lights at the end of a tunnel. You came. You conquered. You left. When the skies grew pale, and dusky red, you left. Oh! The one-down maestro of our generation. Oh! The conqueror of the world for 12 mammoth years. You left with pride. And never came back. You left. But, in a corner of my heart, for infinity and beyond it, long may you reign.

  • Chaminda Vaas

“Vaasy!” they clamoured. A brown-skinned guy with a cheeky grin, and the longest name to himself, ran in. He ran in. He delivered. “Bowled ‘em.” They rejoiced at his existence. But when the twilight came…

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