Shall I compare thee to god?

No I shan’t. You’re not god. You’re human, You’re the love of my life. You are long sought for understanding. You are warmth from the fireplace in a cozy warm cottage where outside snow is heaped in mountains. You are that feeling of hope and pride that bubbles in family when their own accomplishes a feat. You are those shared cups of chai with close friends. You are a billion and one memories. You are exhilaration, you are tears of immense joy and immense pain. You are that throat ache after hours of ceaseless screaming because of long-awaited victory, you are what will always make up for our lack of goldware. Oh you are poem that tugs at the heart string causing tsunamis in my eyes,

Sanga you are the near-perfect human, but you are mortal.

You are the sun though, when it’s at its peak it rejuvenates, replenishes, it is the life of the entire world. When it sets as I see it setting now…it’s more beautiful then ever. The sun that paints the sky into hues of burgundy. And even in it’ melancholia, even in it’s last gasp, even when it is dying, even when it’s all but gone it is magical, it is mystifying, it is the symbol of beauty. You want to watch it until it is no more-it’s last image imprinted in your mind in a movie to forever be replayed.

However as we stay in shock at the allure of the setting sun, the sun has other work to do. It’s light is absorbed by a dark and dim moon and it too begins to glow with an incandescent light that poet compare their love’s complexion to, that lost passengers use as a guide, lone and weary travelers as a friend, God a gift to the human race and pessimist use for optimism. You are that light that glows in our hearts long after it is has stopped glowing.

You aren’t god. You are a friend. You are a shoulder. You are strength. You are human and that’s what this world needs-but there is only one of you and so many of us. There will never be enough of you. There will never be too less though. I will not compare you to god, gods are overrated they are far off thing, you never really know them. I know you, you glow in our hearts. I know enough.


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