Behind the hijab-my blog

Why am I here? WordPress asks me non nonchalantly as if it were the easiest thing to answer. The pressing questions however do not cease there, they find it their purpose to ask “who are you?” The truth is I have no idea who I am. I know myself yes but to encompass the eternities in me would not do me justice let alone the God that created me ( and yes I believe in God).  I am here to find myself, as cheesy as that may sound. I am here to write what I have kept locked up within the sanctuary of my journal so that no one would read it. I am here to find people like myself, and very rarely do I find people like myself.

If put simply I look just like you two eyes, two ears and a body too,however no two people look exactly alike. To you I would appear as a typical South Asian Pakistani.  Brown skin black, black hair, geeky looking the typical stereotypes in short. i wear a hijab to match. However this blog s what lies behind and beyond what you see. It’s about what’s under the hijab. it’s about what’s hidden in South Asia. It’s about love and reality and bitter truth. It’s about being 18 and being me. It’s about late nights thinking of a guy and it’s about early mornings watching cricket. It’s poetry, it’s mehndi, it’s so much more. It’s me..


One thought on “Behind the hijab-my blog

  1. I don’t know why I had to stop in my flow of reading on ‘its about late nights thinking of a guy xD’ but I love this cuz identity has been one of my fav topics


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