Who stole Eid?

Eid came in soft shoes murmuring stories of pain, dressed in black satin head bowed in disdain


As the story goes Grinch was a misunderstood monster who tried to steal Christmas and failed. The lesson was one can steal commodities such as trees and presents but not the essence of the celebration. One cannot steal the warmth and the laughter or the sense of belonging. But that’s a kid story, those lessons are for young minds brimming with optimism.It’s not for 18 year-olds who have lived in three decades, 2 centuries and one millennium. It’s not for 18 year olds who have seen too much.

It’s 2015 and this Eid was quite literally stolen. Someone drained all of the laughter and someone soaked up all the happiness from it as a sponge absorbs water. This Eid was dry. The feeling just wasn’t there. As we entered the new year, our hearts bore the pain of deaths of more than 152 children This Ramadan alone we lost more than a thousand people.

The bangles lie broken, the mehndi is still in the cones unused,  with eyes saddened and hearts heavy, this Eid has come. Someone lost their son,or dad or a mom.The days are long and the nights longer. Eid came in soft shoes murmuring stories of pain, dressed in black satin head bowed in disdain. The Grinch wasn’t a terrorist, he wasn’t a murdered or ignored prayers he was a poor monster. He didn’t have guns, he didn’t have bombs, he had a heart that people broke too often.

This Eid we celebrate with modesty, remembering the good old days. Our laughter is about days past. Our happiness about Eids of long ago. They are empty and devoid and sad. They are afraid that next Eid will be worse. We are afraid that the colors of mehndi will never burst open revealing flares. We are afraid these broken bangles will pierce our hearts until we bleed to death We are afraid and tired. We are sad. Someone stole Eid and just like any other stolen commodity in a country devoid of justice, we will never get it back. Just like all the lives we lost.

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