Rainy days and board games.

Board games are last century but what if you’re forced to live in the last century for an hour or so everyday?

The thunder today was an indestructible force whose resonating cries could possibly doom us all. Far too many times did it make my heart beat with the same vehemency of it’s sound. And honestly this is not an exaggeration ask any karachiite! We finally had rain today with a dash of phenomenal lightning and… power cuts. The sad thing is that because Karachi is never prepared there is always a power cut be we,oh we, are completely used to it. It’s better than all of the other power outages combined.
image Terrorizing thunderstorns

Being better though does not ensure being good . There is still that sense of exasperating boredom in the air. The lightning won’t let you go out because its not safe. The thunder makes you yelp. And the power crucified you. However even without the power one can do something for instance okay board games.

When I was ten I was brought up by Enid Blyton and other British authors who rued the rain as a disaster to brilliant summer days. The children usually decided to play some board games and never did I think I’d be that person. But I was.

Here was I an 18 year old playing monopoly with my siblings with the ambition of a sports team defending themselves in a lucky ground with their perfect record all season. Needless to say, I had fun. Believe me when I tell you I am your basic stereotyped teen lager of the 21st century. But when forced to live in the stone ages do as the people of that time did.

It’s time like these that remind if you of the small things in life. About how humble you are in front of God. About how torrential rain can wash away your very existence. It’s time such as these that remind you that good things come in small packets. And guiltily a part of me is happy for such times even if I am the only one.

BTW the pictures are not mine.


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