My best friend’s best friend.

If you are to notice their personalities I believe that the night and days are best friends.


“What do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset? ” is such a common trick question that I didn’t even notice it was a trick question until I realized the strange fact that there really is no difference. At its death and at its birth the sun looks the same, the skies are the same shades of orange, it is neither day nor night and it shines with the same fervour at both times. So hypothetically speaking if an alien who had absolutely no knowledge of time would be confused as to why we have two names for the same phenomenon and more paradoxically though we prefer one over the other. Even I cannot tell whether this picture is the sunset or sunrise.


Or these:



It’s not the phenomenon itself though is it? Rather it’s about what follows after. Some of us love the day others love the night. Some of us prefer early mornings and birds chirping other people prefer late nights and cold wind.

I think that both the night and day are similar to each other as opposites usually are. The mornings are as quiet as nights and nights as alive as mornings. The wind is cold and the air is warm. Mornings are yawning people and ruffled hair, nights are cups of tea and studying. There is no difference. At  first look of course they seem to be different because one is dark and brooding the other us bright and beckoning. Yet from the  inside, as weird as that may sound, they are the same. I believe if you get to know the personality of the night and day you will come to realize they are best friends.

Maybe that’s why I don’t like mornings. They’re best friends with my best friend. I am afraid that when the night ends and the mornings come all the secrets I trusted the night to keep will be whispered by the moon to the sun as the moon departs. I don’t trust mornings to keep them however maybe that’s unjust. In 18 years never has a morning revealed what thoughts and tears my nights were filled with – but what if it does. What if it does?


4 thoughts on “My best friend’s best friend.

  1. This was immensely BEAUTIFUL! I don’t know if I would be fairing with this comment but by far this is ur most beautiful creation of all I can recently remember. Why I have loved this so much is because each paragraph makes SO MUCH sense while being paradoxical in the literary way. Proud to follow this blog^-^

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