This is not a rant about Amir.

Let’s just say I do not support the Pakistani team or their way of cricket. One of the foremost reason for not supporting them is their blatant disrespect for Pakistani fans. They are like those college students who don’t study and manage to scrape through in the end, though given their potential they could do so much. You can see it in their unpredictability. In the way they get out. In the way they almost fail. I am Pakistani and I know the fervour with which my country supports them. For what? Nothing. So they win a few and lose a few. I am appalled though as to how anyone can enjoy how their play. It’s not cricket, it’s a down right insult.

In 2010 a group of 3 cricketers decided to tarnish the reputation of Pakistan cricket. They decided to fix a game. 5 years later one of them is eligible to play again. Was he not a party to crime? Did he or did he not insult our country?

But then who from this team hasn’t?

This boy is not your usual boy. He is epic. He is class. He is talented. Come on, why are we so bent on forgetting his five wickets in one over? Why are we so bent on forgetting all the good in Amir?

That too when we can so easily put Afridi’s ball tampering behind us. In fact that too when we can put everything about Afridi behind us. After all he’s Afridi isn’t he. Please, save your breath do not bother commenting on how Afridi’s mistake  cannot be compared to Amir’s sin. Disgracing your country is disgracing it and comparisons are futile. A rascist is a rascist even if he doesn’t murder Black people like in Ferguson. An islamohphobic person is an islamophobe even if he doesn’t insult every Muslim he meets. A crime is a crime. Dishonour is dishonour. (Or are some forms of cheating greater than other
forms of cheating?)

But not when Afridi is involved am I right Hafeez?

Or that too when Imran khan is involved. Who cares about Sita white? Or his illegitimate child? That’s his personal matter and I despise mentioning it. We want him to run country when he can’t hold a family together? We want him prime minister but God forbid we take Amir back into the team? If we don’t give a chance to Amir to win a world cup for Pakistan he won’t. But he has the potential to.

Then maybe the Pakistani fans do not deserve a team that respects them. They do not deserve a player who can do wonders. They are an unforgiving because they are sinless pure innocent creations. They see nothing in front of dishonour. Oh really?

Are you forgetting that we are human? Are you forgetting that Amir was nineteen. Amir was poor. Amir was foolish.

Fine, do as you will. Ignore him. Forget about him. Then lament his loss on social media. As for Hafeez, *laughs* I’ll leave that for another day

(Mr. I can’t bowl within the limit.)



4 thoughts on “This is not a rant about Amir.

  1. I was having an intense headache and intenser mood swings. I will not excuse for the non existent word i used there cause-not in the mood. I do not know why I decided to check out your archives but God sent help maybe. This post made me feel so much better specially because I got this topic for my mock group discussion and took the same stance leaving the majority dumb. Thank you for making me feel proud.

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    1. Listen, Amir be the same person who took Kohli’s wicket. The hypocrasy of today’s media is astounding wohi log jo us kay peechay paray thay aaj tareef kar rahai hain. All the people who stood against you/him in GD have been made a mockery off by him anyway.

      Also EVEN YOU GOT ONE ON CRICKET! Why did I not get on it :,( oh well it worked fine anyways

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