And you left…

As saddened I was by  both your literally and figuratively heart stopping departure,  there can be nothing sadder than what I feel now.

And as the sky turns to dusk, spray painted by a colour only God can create, a heart disillusioned  by your silent escape wonders how it can be so ashen under the brilliant shades of the setting sun.

These roads where we grew up seem like some distant tracks on the map of the past which I follow leading me to the  nostalgic embrace of your memories and it’s a useless path to follow but that’s the only place we can meet now. That’s the only way we can meet and I will take it.

I will take it gladly in whimpers and tears.

Sometimes your only home seems like a distant place you used to spend your time in,recently my soul has begun to feel like that about my body, maybe it misses my heart which you took with you on your departure.

Poets say when people leave their smiles become the rays of the sun ever so warm especially in winters-or maybe I just made that up- but I’ll believe it.

I’ll believe it if it gets me through the day. I’ll believe it if it allows me to remember you fondly. I’ll believe that you are here, somewhere some place, i’ll believe for you but selfishly for myself.

At night when the sun isn’t even there anymore i’ ll look to other things. I’ll look to the stars or the moon or the wind but what do I do now?

What do I do under the brilliant shade of the sky in this last stage of twilight? What do I do now?



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