This is the last letter I’ll write to you.

A year later you are but a moving shadow somewhere at the corner of my mind, slowly coming out of the dark corners of a memory I don’t even remember anymore.

Funny isn’t it how you left footprints on the wind. I can see them sometimes, when I see a familiar poster. I can see you sometimes smiling, I’ve forgotten your smile but I can still recall how it made me feel. Funny isn’t it how I don’t feel anything at all – not anymore – not for you.

Sometimes a certain song will remind you of a memory you love, other times it will remind you of a memory of a memory, some sort of melancholic sweetness, these are the times you come out.

It’s weird that I should be writing something on you when you I don’t feel anything anymore. It’s just I am fascinated at how I don’t care.

A year ago if someone had said to me I’d be like this, i’d have laughed. Apparently you understood me better than anyone else. Now I think I’m generally easy to understand.

Sometimes I get a pang that slowly turns into tension for my Math exam and disintegrates. It just doesn’t feel the same.

When you put a period and I tried to change them to continuation marks with writing on and on I realize I was being pathetic. So this is it.

I think I’ve realized today we are officially over.




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