On angels in abandoned motels

If she is so Satanic then why do her eyes carry the holy grail. And as haunting as her presence may be nothing seems more demonic than her absence. I don’t know what angles are but they say she isn’t one. Her halo has just lost it’s light due to the smog of sin arising from the people that circumstances have forced her to live with. It flickers sometimes when it’s dark outside, like the lights of an abandoned cheap motel drunk men find sanctuary in. Outwardly presence doesn’t seem so inviting as seductive and her halo quickly transforms to a devil’s horns. I never said she’s innocent although she might have been before the god she doesn’t believe in anymore decided to snatch it away. Raped at the hands of a fate she had no control over, she is not innocent but she’s an angel. Because before God kicked him out of heaven no one called him Satan and before Adam decided to take his place he wasn’t evil come to think of it angels never really liked Adam anyways. And this angel has met too many Adams….too many gods.


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