A Democracy of Dumb People


A leader is for the people, from the people and by the people – apparently. Theoretically speaking we have an option to choose who we want as say the Prime Minister. That’s great. All the power to the people as they are the real decision makers and all that crap. Take the Brexit as an example, it’s not the politicians or the elected representatives that get to decide whether Britain should leave EU but rather them the people. I don’t live in England, so I don’t really know what they the people actually know. Have they been taught what’s best for them?  When we walk out to vote in Pakistan (where I live) because obviously Pakistan is a democracy too what do we actually understand?  I am 19 and my answer is nothing. I know nothing. I understand nothing.  I know more about the size of cricket bats and the ongoing debacle of match fixing than I know about our political parties and their ideologies. Why? Because I’m dumb.

Growing up I loved Math, still do, so I suppose people might object to this opinion. Of course I would too if, instead of having to choose between more racist and less racist and more corrupt and less corrupt, I had to choose whether to apply integration by parts or by partial fractions or by both. That would be easier and I wouldn’t even be writing this. It’s not that easy I’m afraid. It’s much harder.  Of course Ramsha would disagree because she is a political geek. She should go to vote, seeing as she probably knows her stuff. People like me should not.

I view Pakistan as outsider sometimes, tearing away from cultural roots and blood, just to see what I can see without patriotism. I see, a complicated tangle of facts and opinions crises crossing over each other not airing whether they choke others. I see a conflict of indentities being forced under one flag on the basis of a patriotism that just makes people like me feel guilty, because we are never patriotic enough. Though this frenzy of existence is pretty much always there it begins to bubble out like lava in a volcano during the elections and explode in volatile arguments as Karachi becomes a war zone for the old, the young and the people not even from here.

God damn it Ramsha you just don’t get it.

God damn it parents you just don’t get it.

God damn it all of you, I’m watching cricket. Let’s see where Devillers at.

It’s like a continuous cycle of fuck you, fuck it, fuck me and fuck everything let’s watch cricket.

But no- voting is so important.

We were in O levels together, Ramsha and I, and then we were in A levels together.  It was the first month of A levels when the election frenzy started with all the nominees for head boys and head girls trying to make us vote for them.


“I am the best. I have the best grades among all of them.”

“I am the most fun, I know what to do. Come on I am there for ya’ll.”

Here we were, we had no idea what was going on, who the people were even, what were these so called good grades (he had a C or a D I later came to realize as I saw him retake papers with us) we didn’t even know THEIR NAMES. It took me for one forever to realize his name was Dai (pronounced dye or die or whatever) and not GUY. One other guy everyone just called by his last name and that’s all I knew about him. The best joke is that the guy who actually won- I didn’t even know his face and I still don’t know how to pronounce his name. But no one really cared because come election day we all had to stand in line and put that stamp because it wasn’t a right it was an obligation and anyways we were excited. You know what is just a right? Education, that’s why we have to buy it, obligations such as voting are forced upon.

Namaz is an obligation I am well aware off. Not sure how it’s related to this actually come to think of it it’s not really. Namaz or fasting or all that is necessary for Muslims to do- and we do it. We know how to do it, when to do it, what to do, who to do it for. Sure we all have our ways and ideas and I have mine- but at least God taught me my obligation. I know  what it is. I don’t just do a mindless exercise ; standing, bending, getting up and repeat four times with nothing in my stomach. J

I do it with a purpose because I know and it brings a peace with it so that’s always a good purpose.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THE PURPOSE OF THAT ELECTION? Our head boy was removed a month after elections and I found out an entire year later. I still don’t know his name; there were two people with similar sounding names and both wanted to be the head boy. I don’t know it never mattered. Also, I later found out the job of the head boy was to organize events, which confused the actual fuck out of me (sorry for the language) because we already had an event coordinator- Ashen. Ramsha hated him so I’m assuming she would not have voted for him. I doubt she knows any better though, should a personal feeling cloud whether someone can be a good, well anything, I don’t know. He did have some pretty good ideas for this dance competition/ race thingy/ some sports. It never happened. They said it was because of Peshawar incident where a gunman shot down around 150 kids. I think because it was completely impractical and no one was willing to participate. I don’t really care. All I know is that AS was the most horrible and boring time in my life. We had a head boy, a head girl and an event coordinator but no actual events at our school. Go figure. I’ll just watch my cricket. Devilliers is at bat again. At least I know a couple of things about him. Now maybe if he was running for- nah. Let’s just stick to the cricket.


One thought on “A Democracy of Dumb People

  1. OmG I sooo loved this one of yours!! Although I have usually been the total opposite, I mean I campaigned both years with great enthusiasm. The guy whom everyone referred to by his surname was hamza arayan as far as I m guessing. And the guy who actually became the head boy was Shahzoor, he was the one i campaigned for because I was supporting the green panel xD In short I was pretty active in both the elections. The thing is even if it didn’t turn out well and everything was chaotic, the head boy was stripped off his rank because of some scandal with a girl but idk, i usually enjoy the whole thing. I mean we don’t exactly know if we are making the right choice but one is still worth making which u think is the best:D Also the positions were of use until O levels so I had a different perception but true so true in A levels the positions were only for organizing events.


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