Liebster Award

Okay so I really don’t know what this means but apparently I have to tell all my followers which is like three people. about myself.I am honored that Tehreem tagged me but I don’t know as yet how to tag people in this so if you stumble upon this please feel free to do it. I am a horribly boring person on the internet so excuse me for my vague answers. I’d rather not bore you anyways. ALSO I JUST REALIZED I DID THE WRONG QUESTIONS INSTEAD OF THE ONE TEHREEM TOLD ME TO DO AND I HAVE TO STUDY BUT WTF let’s do this:




Your blogging inspiration?

I wish I had one. But I don’t. I keep re reading what I wrote myself and thinking I love this girl where do I find more of her shit she is SO relatable and then I write more.

What is your opinion about mental health issues? Or how do you even interpret this word?

I really don’t think you want to read an essay on this.

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

I am way above these *reductionist* words. LOL. OK I’m an extrovert. YES I AM A WRITER YES I’M AN EXTROVERT CHECK THE DEFINITION AND THEN JUDGE.

4. Tea or coffee?

Pathan ki chai. Tim Hortons ki cafe mocha.

5. Any blogging goals?:D

I used to want a 100 likes. Now I just want to have the time to use wordpress.

6. That one thing you always carry with you when going out

My sarcasm and self esteem and misanthropy.

7. How would you describe pain?

Pain is overrated.

8. Honest opinion please, revenge or forgiveness, why?

Forgiveness. Because you’re not important enough.

9. If you were told you have 48hrs left on this planet what is the first thing which would come to your mind?

Ammi, I love you.

10. One thing which you love about yourself?

I feel too much.

11. Do you prefer crying your heart out or keep it inside and what do you actually do?

It’s complicated.

Ok that was fun if you’re into that kind of torture that will keep you up at five a.m. Kidding. It got me thinking. Thinking is great fun. Yay.


Here are my eleven questions:

What’s your Hogwarts house?

What about zodiac?

What music do you like?

What is the most overrated thing you can think of?

What’s the first feeling that comes to your mind when I say orange?

Unpopular belief?

That one sin that’s hardest to avoid?

That one quote that makes you go fuck is…

Opinion on sex?

Which of the three dark personalty triads is your favourite?

If you said none to the one above why are you so boring?

And my last most important question is:




Tehreem (I know you’ve already done this)






One thought on “Liebster Award

  1. Hahaha OH MY LORD, I LOVED YOUR ANSWERS LIKE WHY DO U HAVE TO BE SO SPONTANEOUS AND ACCURATE AT THE SAME TIME! Seriously I literally Love knowing about you again and again no matter how much I already know you. Yes in other words it meant u are awesome. TAG AND NOMINATE!!!!!!


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