Optimism is a tool for bullies

6 bullet wounds but it was one to the head that was to take famous Qawwal Amjad Sabri’s life. I could not care less about who did it but the fact that it has been done, a life has been lost, a soul ripped apart and once again a country torn. So the tweets followed in silent progression, one after the other in black dresses, humming naans so tragically pleasing. So the days will follow like the tweets do, like the opinions do and like the arguments of whodunnit do until they find some other war to argue on political shows. After all innocent blood makes for good art and good gossip. The pain subsides, the memory dulls and we are told remember the good times. We will turn the 6 bullets to 6 notions of pride, to 6 marks of patriotism and to 6 marks of love and peace. The irony.

Sani Ali though had but one of those marks. He was 17. It took one bullet, through his brain and out the other end. A teenager, and an innocent one at that-  even better I must say. The perfect example to use in essays for terrorism, to shout mercilessly on the TV screen, a perfect excuse for rangers- oops.  Let’s not go there. Let’s remember the good times.

Before Peshawar attack. 150 lives-no 150 children. Small hands that hadn’t even used a fountain pen yet. Tiny bubbles of hopeless optimism floating about in the land of fairies and princes and princesses, soft silent dreams epitomized in the valley of beauty that is Peshawar burst open and ripped apart scattered on our history as examples of failure of us as a country- oops. Let’s not go there. 

All these lives are just gigantic oops.Mistakes. Errors. Nothing more and nothing less. There have always been good times. Look at the bravery, look at how gallant our young shaheed ones are, look at the positives. POSITIVES? BRAVERY? PATRIOTISM? Preach your optimism to the delusional ones. Preach your happiness to those who do not know loss. Preach your fucking lame stories about strength and unity to those who haven’t been torn apart on the very basis of these pillars of our country. Tell that to to the people who don’t cower when they hear our army, Tell that to the people who haven’t seen children cry the whole night before their exams because some terrorists took away our friend. Tell that to people who believe this country is pure and good and that it can be overcome. Tell that to the people who think everything can be fixed by their damn optimism. Because to other people you are a bully. You use your lack of knowledge and lack of emotions to enforce a happiness so that you can survive in this Hell. You use the word patriotism as an excuse to lessen the pain.

Happiness is overrated anyways. Happiness is not done.Happiness is not justice. You don’t understand the difference between seeing the positives and BLATAMTLY RUBBING OUT FACTS TO FIT YOUR DESCRIPTION OF YOUR COUNTRY.  Wake up.



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