The versatile blogger award

It’s funny how we trip over certain things when we need them most. One of my friends wanted me to do another one of these awards and out of nowhere  I was nomnated by Sarah Ahmed. Thanks it couldn’t have come at a better time.

7 facts about me:

I am a big fan of aesthetically pleasing things (for the lack of a better term) but I personally don’t have the um…interest no the kind of physical and mental investment it requires to make things pretty.  I guess you can see that in my blog.

I am trying really hard to find interesting things about my personality but so far there’s only white noise. Oh wait I think something is coming hold on- no it’s just another feminist rant.

People say I’m really sarcastic and funny. Well maybe that’s because my life is a practical joke.  

I’m not asexual.

I’m writing this in class and wondering whether the people behind me can read this. But then I really don’t care. *insert angry ranting about societal concepts of what we should and should not talk about*

I rant a lot because I’m a little insane.

I use vague words when people ask me to describe myself so that I come off as cool and total strangers don’t know random things about me. Actually no one knows me as well as they think

Well that’s about it for now. I tag Tehreemrabia, Zinara (whose blog i can’t find again) and Bipolar Blogging (I think she’s called Maham)



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