The versatile Blogger award-again

Sigh. I want to write down how pathetic these awards are but that’s hypocritical because let’s face it we all like talking about ourselves. However, I have to be philosophical here because( I don’t want you to be under the illusion of the notion that you might know the me I’m talking about.Farees Ahmed; the real full living version is a myth.) I want you to believe I’m smarter than I am, these facts are the me I am right now tomorrow I’ll be a different me and don’t come crying to me when I fail to be the image you built up Read freely. Assume with caution.


I’m kidding, just wanted a little dramatic flair. Ok let’s get on with this.

  1. I am amused you still want to read this
  2. I like fire a hell lot. You know all the bullshit about water being stronger and all because it can quench it- yeah those people never had a strong enough fire to start with. Now I could rant about this but I’ll make another post or something.Probably or something
  3. I think happiness is overrated.
  4. I think peace is important.
  5. I am struggling to remember what I’ve already written in the previous post.
  6. I think you’re bored right now. Sorry about that.
  7. I am usually sarcastic when I apologize
  8. I am more interested in you than you realize
  9.  I know myselves.
  10. My mom told me to keep a check on the daal and turn off the stove when it’s done. I don’t know how I should know when the daal is done.
  11. I am even more amused that you read this far.
  12. I can’t seem to think of entertaining enough facts that will keep Tehreem amused because she is the one who nominated me
  13. Oh right I was supposed to mention her before according to the rules
  14. I have little regard for rules and think the world would be better without them altogether.
  15. Sure, argue with me if you want I like arguments
  16. I have unpopular opinions
  17. How many of these facts was I supposed to write? I forget the rules
  18. By forgetting I mean I never read them
  20. I’m tired
  21. I think daal jal gai hai.

PS: If youre wondering

22. I was wrong.

23.I’m not always correct.

24.But that won’t stop me from pretending I’m correct



4 thoughts on “The versatile Blogger award-again

  1. Hahahaha okay idek well how to respond, I feel sorry for laughing over it and I feel awkward to take all of this seriously. It actually feels pretty selfish to me for saying that I absolutely enjoyed this because then it would appear as if I plead you to do award posts for the sake of my entertainment and I feel like a hypocritical liar if I actually say I didn’t like it and I’d probably never nominate you for an award again. I hope you are able to find a mid point to my ambivalence (sorry for putting you into another struggle and no I am usually not sarcastic when I apologise so like I really mean the sorry xD)


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