Thank You Tehreem!


Somewhere in the cacophony

of Karachi



The weather is grief stricken, or as what Karachiites would call it lovely.  The grayness is impeding my thoughts, it’s everywhere. It’s called spring, apparently. The beginning of life, the returning of life, ah beautiful birth that begins with an aura of depression and warmth. Ah,us April babies, born in such subtle ironies, falling in love with similar oxymoron of winter winds and sunlight..

I am sure though that you would love the weather. The calmness and the sweet smell of the grass, the soft suspended water droplets on the edges of balconies, the shy buds laughing on the branches as the wind gives them a ride, the river bubbling with the sound of a renewed life,  as if nature yawns as it gets up,  time to go to work, it says and the grey. The grey.  The grey. The grey.  Nature wears grey on the first few days to work.

I just thought you’d like to know that.

It’s five days to my exam and I couldn’t be less bothered.  Ah, the ideal student aren’t I? Well at least you find me an ideal writer. Even-though right now I’m struggling to find words and metaphors. Even-though, the most beautifully scripted songs aren’t helping me pen down my thoughts.  I am ever so thankful for the blog post cum letter you wrote me. Though, these text messages and voice notes keep distracting me from writing to you right now, I am ever so thankful for the text messages and voice notes YOU sent me yesterday.

Thank you for being an amazing friend. I remember once I took my anger or angst out on you and you said that’s what friends are for. That’s probably the most beautiful thing you’ve ever said to me. Sometimes the world crashes and burn and the fire you see dancing in my pupils buries me alive, in those like days I come back to you. I promised myself that this would be completely about you, but I always feel the need to digress back to myself. That’s how I find friends, i find myself in them or I find what I would like to be. I find in you everything. The mystery, the similarities, the laughter and the moments. I wish I had said all these things to you on YOUR birthday but it slipped my mind. But I guess it’s better late then ever.

And hey,

It’s nice to know, that I too can say something positive about people that aren’t me.

I enjoy the experience.



The whispers

The grey rain

Said to me

in Toronto




One thought on “Thank You Tehreem!

  1. This is so special. Not just because of the words in it, the beautiful imagery, the description, the slight sarcasm, the slight narcissism, the expression of love, the effort, to everything. But also because and primarily because it comes from YOU. Thank you farees.

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