Unfortunately, I am a mirror.

The word dear is too vague

Have you ever talked to a mirror?
I’m sure you have not,
For mirrors don’t listen,
They only demand to be heard.

You know that Satan whispers,
In the religion you call your own
But I’ve seen it turn into
A reflection I can’t disown.

And demons they take several shapes
Not all as easy to identify
As the slithering body of a hissing snake
As the daughter of Eve;I defy.defy.defy.

Have you seen chaos?
I’m sure you claim you have.
I am what happens
When mirrors and tornadoes
Have a whirlwind romance

How exceedingly exalted of you
To call yourself a reflection of me
For you are much more
And,in theory,also much less

You’re a reflection of what you love
I can’t disagree
But perhaps I’m just a foggy mirror
With a human body.

You see some mirrors happen to be unkind.
At least the mirror I have in my mind.
I am a mirror that happens to feel.
I shatter with storms
But tornadoes soothe me

Scorpios I’m told have venomous bites
Ah, but the murderous compliments
You shoot with such spite
Reflect of my body
Like I am the moon
And you are the sunlight.

I lick my tongue and bite my lips
Surely sarcasm would do you justice
But if you’ve read so far
You should know

That we’ve been taught to love others
I love you so
Self love was labelled narcissus’ crime
Though to be quite frank
When I look in the mirror
I also cry.

With love and wine,

PS: Am I fire or smoke?
Neither I, nor you, know



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