Comedy is a funny thing

via Daily Prompt: Cringe

Comedy is cringe-worthy, though watching stand up is my favorite past-time. The problem with humor is that very few of us get it right and yet we are all inclined to believe we are hoots.

Let’s be realistic, I too was drawn into the delusion that I have a sense of humor. Only recently have I begun to question whether people laugh at my jokes or at the one making them.

I still don’t know but that’s the quest of life figuring yourself out.

However there are people who do in my opinion hit the right spots. The first name that comes to mind is Chandler Bing.

Of course I’m not going to hold everyone up to the impossible ideal of Bing’s legendary status as the king of sarcasm. However, lurking around on YouTube, has introduced me to many comedians. Thought many of their jokes quickly get old.

Take All India Backchod for example. There videos are top knotch, their stand up comedy, not so much. I just don’t know what makes profanity so funny? #Cringe However, I will say, that they do have tons of relatable content. I enjoyed their show on star world as well.

Recently I have begun to like Daniel Fernandez. I stumbled across his videos on YouTube, they were brilliant. And as anyone who likes comedy will tell you, by brilliant I mean his opinions vastly agreed with mine.

Hassan Minhaj the host of daily show and the brown guy who annhilated Trump, with his humor of course, is also brilliant.

I think the best things about them on stage are there expressions. Hassan’s bewilderment in homecoming king,  Fernandez’s amusement at the situation of India, are ways of expressions that go beyond the scope of what they’re saying.

Personally I think, Minhaj’s body language on stage is half the humor. He makes me want to make a fool out of myself too. But God save the comedy world in that case.  He’s hyper, his eyes grow the size of Jupiter, he’s a great imitator, and he’s smart. It’s rare; clever comedy. How do I know it’s clever? Because I can’t understand it.



Fernandez is unapologetic. He has opinions that could get him lynched in the hostile environment of South Asia. He makes people uncomfortable with his unconventional view.

Unconventional (adj): Different. Abnormal.  Kafir.

He’s casual on stage, slight hand gestures and very little movement. Almost no erraticness. He has an amused expression on his face and a look of perennial bewilderment. As if we are the comedy he’s watching- and we are.

Perhaps that’s what all comedians do; they show us our true faces devoid of all the filters of caste,creed,religion,morals and ethics. It’s funny that we as a society are willing to kill the writers,artists,humorists,musicians because we can’t stand the atrocity we have become. People criticize artists for being melancholy; melancholia doesn’t get you killed, satire and humor does.

Nafrat bikti hai.  Hate sells.

Moving on from stand up comedy though TO THE INTIMIDATING WORLD OF WORDPRESS BLOGS.

I recently found an amazing blog which actually provoked me to write this blogpost . Now this blog has all the ingredients of good humor, that is, it makes you laugh. I have never seen someone look at the world they way this blogger does. Sure, I’ve read plenty of famous people, most of them in my native language of Urdu, and questioned whether they look at the world like that or do they spend hours thinking of this stuff. Well, this answers my question. Some people just have a peculiarly creative way to look at things.

A way that doesn’t push you into depression.

Now I’m strolling through the blog posts trying to find out funny lines but all the lines are funny. So I’m not going to quote any. A lot of the content though isn’t as relatable as the stand up comedy I watch however it is still the right blend of sarcasm and warmth.

And there’s another blog. So this guy, is the shit. I’m sorry for the lack of poetry in that sentence. Look at the title of the blog; Narcissist writes letters to himself. Relatable? Check. Sarcastic? Check. Refined writing skills? Check. Hopeful? Check. Bleak? Check. Oxymoronic? Check. I cannot find the words to compliment this one. You need to check it out yourself.

It’s easy to make people cry. It’s harder to make people laugh. Comedy is probably the most cringe worthy thing I can think of; look at shows like Komedy Nights with Kapil. It makes me bleed tears of agony.

Yet there’s people who not only make me laugh but help me refine my sarcasm. I hope to serve the world in the same way.


Also these are the videos I truly enjoyed on YouTube, all of them are Indian, though I’m not Indian. Share some more if you want.

  1.  The Death Penalty– Daniel Fernandez
  2. Nationalism and Patriotism– Kunal Kamra
  3. Homecoming King- Hassan Minhaj
  4. The Freedom To Offend- Daniel Fernandez
  5. Honest Indian Wedding Series- AIB
  6. Honest Engineering Campus Placements- AIB
  7. White House Correspondents Dinner or as I like to call it brown man insulting orange man (Clever, I know.) – Hassan Minhaj
  8. Feminism– Daniel Fernandez

Also if you guys have blog suggestions that fall into humor/satire/comedy please share. I need my oxygen.

Also, Also, I couldn’t find a link to Homecoming king it’s on Netflix though do watch it, esp if you’re brown.


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