The problem with being an extrovert

Is that, this is one of the only pieces on the internet you’ll find about you.

I can’t blame introverts, I suppose. What kind of an extrovert would be watching YouTube videos? Shouldn’t we be partying and waking up with a hangover? What kind of an extrovert would be sitting here writing in their free time? Possibly one with no friends, maybe no one to hang out with, extroverts don’t write. Do they?

The problem with being an extrovert is that we’re a majority, or so people claim, and we’re everywhere; except on the internet of course, or libraries, or in our homes, and we definitely aren’t writers.    The problem with being an extrovert is that you’re supposed to be everywhere, except you’re not. (Sounds like God to me.)

Extroverts with their inflated self-esteem and use pretentious attention seeking devices such as existing and possessing a good sense of humor. How annoying, people who actually like other people.

So here’s to the extroverts who might be reading, extroverts who are tired of being misunderstood, extroverts who’re loud and perhaps more importantly extroverts who are quiet. Shy extroverts, obnoxious extroverts, extroverts who understand they just react more to dopamine than their counterparts and extroverts who don’t understand the meaning of the term dopamine, this is all for you.

Sadly though, this is going to be loads of crap, because most writers here tend to be introverts.

Or writers who think they’re introverts.

Sigh. Amazingly for a long time, I used to pretend to be an introvert too. A person who, I believed, was one of those cool dudes , who didn’t need people, who weren’t needy, who could stay alone for long periods of time in a dark corner and not move.

Why would I want to sit in dark corners, drive myself to isolation, pretend I’m alone with my thoughts, when actually I’m just alone, well because it’s fucking cool right?

That is not introversion, but I’m not going to talk about that here.

I’m going to tell you what extroverts are because google sure as fuck won’t.Capture

Biologically speaking extroverts are people who react more to dopamine, which simply put means, when we are happy, we are happy.

In the book Personality: What makes you the way you are, David Nettle gives the example of two men.

One of them lost everything he had, you know how people go from rags to riches? This man went from Ambani to Dharavi. How would you expect a man like that to act? You would expect him to have given up on life itself. However, this man was working hard to get back his status.

Whereas the other introverted man was getting a promotion, and getting married to the love of his life.  How does he react? Meh.

Of course those weren’t his exact words.

This is just one of the differences of course.

Another one is that we get energized by talking to people around us. Social interaction? What a sin! Why is this woman talking to me? I’m not interesting, who cares if I have a demonic tattoo? Well, we do.

But some of us have a problem, it’s called shyness. Or in extreme cases social anxiety.

That’s why introverts have it easy.

Oops; unpopular opinion.

“Farees, you’re an extrovert right?”


“Why’d you run away from that scary looking man who you thought was continously staring at you even when he wasn’t?”

I don’t know. Maybe. I thought he was a scary looking man who was continuously staring at me.

“Farees, but what about nice woman who was drawing in the bus,”

“She’s way to cool for me to talk to,”

“You’re such an introvert,”

Extroverts everywhere, return from their parties, stop having sex, and chants:

“She’s not one of us,”

Introverts everywhere, look up from their books,

“You guys are too loud,”




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