Another letter to myself (part i)

Hello, 10 year old me. Judging by the title you’ve realized that, indeed, you’ve written letters to yourself before. You can read the previous one here. But it would just confuse you.

We live in the same place, though I live a couple of floors above. You’d think by the consistency, that nothing has changed. Falls still turn the valley red and summers still bring more rain than sunshine. Your hair is the same length, yes I know you never want to cut it again because of how thick and beautiful they are, also yes people thought you were a guy and that shit was embarrassing, let’s assume they never grew. The truth is that they did, you got them cut anyways, and you look more confident now. Your glasses still fall of your nose though- all the fucking time.

You’re still hyper. You still love sports, well cricket, you love cricket. People compare you to Anjali from kuch kuch hota hai. That makes you smile, doesn’t it? I know how much you love her.

You weigh less than the normal human, you still do. You hate being bossed around. You still write and avoid drawing like it’s the plague. You’ve never managed to complete a novel. Your friends still really like you. You’ve got lots of them. You still hate romance. You still hate makeup. You hate boys. You have the patience of your dad. Unfortunately.

You still like to ask questions. You over-analyze things. You pick up languages fast. You can’t write romance because it doesn’t touch your heart, but you write it anyways. You still never write about God.

You wanted to be a Quran- teacher, that’s not going to work out so well, we both wish we could do something about that.  We both still like innocent by Taylor Swift.  You can’t figure out why I’m stating obvious facts you, it’s because it’s important for me to know that I am still you. I’m sure you’ve only read this far for awesome insights on your future.

Well, that’s too bad, because you really are the same. I know that might make you feel that you haven’t grown in 10 years. Go, run. You love running. Never stop.



PS: Pakistan will win the Champions Trophy in 2017, beating India. Stop crying over their loss in 2007. Put a bet on them, first on India’s win in 2007 then on Pakistan’s win.


Yes I cursed, leave now.




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